Monday, October 14, 2013


When I decided the bookcase will go in my son's room, I did not change the color of it. His room is painted white except the stripe wall and so the bookcase would blend with it.
Picked this red and white chevron wrapping paper from Target.

I measured and cut the paper to fit the backing of the bookcase. And taped the paper with double sided adhesive tape. This way, I could change the paper when I want to instead of gluing the permanent way.

When finished, I asked my 7 year old to help me arrange it what he wanted. He wanted his books separated from school library and city library books. The books at the bottom shelf belongs to Mr. Tweaks; they will be here till we find a spot for them.
The wooden carved goddess "Saraswati" was a gift from one of our friend. The Ganesha on the top of the bookcase was a gift from my father long ago. The car was a gift to Sanjan too and he wanted it on the bookcase. The 3 wheeler "Auto rikshaw" was a gift to Sanjan from his cousin back home.
 I hung a world map just above the bookcase in an IKEA frame. And filled rest of the wall with frames.
 Photobomb!! He was helping me arrange the frames and the canvas.
 Now you can see without him.
 This wall took couple of weeks to finish. From finding the frames to painting the frames.
I had this small ceramic pot which got couple of coats of red paint that I had. Yes, It has a live plant. The small green storage box was from Michaels which got modge podged with a scrapbook paper couple of years ago.
We somehow have not given up his baby monitor yet. His room is in the corner and sometimes, we can not hear him if we are downstairs after he goes to bed. And its fun to hear him talk in his sleep.
Sanjan goes to bed at 8.30 and by the time we hit the bed, he would be deep in sleep and last night this is what we heard for few seconds, "Hike, Hike, Hike". He was playing football in his dream. Every night its different.
Tweaking a bookcase is the easiest and cheapest way to do with a wrapping paper or fabric or paint.
I will share with you the frames and the canvas on the wall in the next post. And the DIY horse bookend. As well a free printable of "I love everything about you" that's in the frame on the wall.

A before and after for you all.

Thank you for visiting.

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  1. Great job on the book shelf makeover Reshma.

  2. So clever and colorful. Not all matchy matchy but nicely coordinated and styled. Such a nice corner for your son!

    1. Thank you, Ann for visiting and your sweet comment. On the way to your blog....:-).

  3. How cute is this! I love the red chevron! I also love the fun wall hangings!

    1. Heather, Thank you. The chevron gift wrapper is from Target's dollar bin. I guess, the chevron will never go out of style. The wall hangings need a post for itself. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Hike hike! How adorable! Love the transformation :)

    1. Thanks Madhu. Today early in the morning, he was talking to someone in his dream. It was not very clear on the monitor or I would have shared it here.

  5. How did u paste world map n other things on the wall?? Wch frame from ikea u r talking about??

  6. How did u paste world map n other things on the wall?? Wch frame from ikea u r talking about??