Sunday, November 17, 2013


Remember this post where I shared with you all that I wanted to have a bookcase in the living room so I could put my decor accessories and add some small storage too as well fit a piece of furniture in this empty space.

But the bookcase which I tweaked, ended up in my son's room.

I was again left with the empty space. I kept thinking of different options. I thought about a nice chair and a small table in the corner and create a nice reading spot. Something like these:
I took the idea to Mr. Tweaks and before I could complete my sentence, he said , "No. We have lots of places to sit and read". Couple weeks later, got him on board (it's called art of convincing) to have one more reading corner. And I started searching for a chair. I shortlisted few chairs on the basis of comfort and affordability.

Then one evening, when I parked the car in the garage, I noticed I had this dresser. In case, you had noticed, it was in one of the picture from the bookcase makeover post.
I had picked this dresser for a different project. But somehow, it did not fit in there so it was left in the garage. And just like that, I decided to use this dresser instead of the chair of that corner.

This 4 drawer dresser was in this condition. Mr. Tweaks was not a very happy man when I had got it home. He had all reasons to be, it did look like I had picked it from trash. He had given me clear instructions not to get it inside the house. He suggested, I could use to store my project stuffs that's all over the place in the garage.
What do you think I went with? Chair for a reading corner or a dresser?
What did I do, I will share with you all in the next post.
Have a nice week ahead.


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