Sunday, December 29, 2013


Do you see the difference between the first and the second picture? No?
Here, let me help you....The walls are painted!
We had the walls painted 18 months after we moved. We wanted to get it done very earlier. I had plans to do it myself ourselves and Mr. Tweaks wanted to have it done professionally since this room has high ceiling and even if I had the tallest ladder to paint, I am scarred of heights and also being vertically challenged, I would ask beg hubs to help me. 
So, finally 18 months later, I agreed to get the paint done for the whole house except our son's room and the guest bedroom (I am yet to share this room). 

Mr. Tweaks and me had finalized on the "Dolphin Dance" color from Sherwin Williams. I had to show lots and lots of pictures in this color shade to convince hubby to agree. And I should say I did a good job at it.
Couple week before the painters were supposed to come, I was talking to my mother back home. I mentioned to her about getting the house painted for the long weekend. She asked about the color and I said, "grey". She said, "like cement color?" (in India, the houses are made of brick and cement, and the color of the cement is grey). 
And a week later, when I called home to talk, she asked, if we still were going with the "cement color". I decided not to call her till the painters finish their job.

But something kept bothering me and when I checked with Mister if we could go for a lighter color than what we selected, he happily agreed. I guess even he had that "cement color" doubt. Anyways, we went with "Heirloom Silver".
A team of 7 painters came and completed the job in one day.  

They moved the furniture's to the center of the room, removed the window coverings, covered the carpets with plastic and after the painting, moved everything back to its place before they left.

I would have taken couple more years to finish painting the whole house.

Remember seeing those 4 cushions on the sofa here. I had picked these inner cushions at IKEA during one of my visits.
I picked these fabrics in silk and faux silk from a store in bay area. The store had rolls upon rolls of fabric in every material. I do not sew much but felt like a child in a toy store.

I had stitched the cushion covers before the house was to be painted. And I had picked the dark grey fabric thinking it would be a match to the "Dolphin Dance" color, my Amma's "cement color".  
Only if I had not talked to my mother about the long weekend plan. Only if I had not mentioned about the paint color to her.
This is after the paint. The window coverings are removed in these pictures and the sunlight makes the wall look almost white.
 Will share better pictures soon.
The room still needs curtains for the windows and some art for the wall.
Will be back soon with more changes.

This was my last blog posting for 2013!
See you all in 2014.

Have a wonderful week ahead.



  1. So creative,I wish i could learn something from you. Very beautiful.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Madhu. I still wish I went for a little darker shade....:-).