Monday, January 20, 2014


Do you remember this post where I bought a pair of chair for the living room? These chairs were not what exactly I wanted. But the arm chairs I wanted were pretty expensive. So I had settled for these.
The chairs had the same look despite the changes that went through in the room. You see here?
See here? Even after the paint, the art on the wall, the addition of accessories and color. They looked boring.
And these were not very comfortable ones either. Hubby kept complaining that he could not sit on them for more than 30 minutes. And he did not want guests to feel the same.

Early 2013, I went on search for a pair of armchairs to replace the black & white ones. There were lots and lots of accent armchairs options available, for a good price too. Mr. Tweaks insisted that he wanted to go with a dark color for the chairs.

One evening, when I was browsing for the chairs, hubby pointed out and said he liked these chairs. There were few color options too. I ordered mine on Kohls but they do not have them online now to share with you all. Overstock sells the exact ones.


I was looking for one in orange but did not find. My next option was the one in Ivory, but Mr. Tweaks disagreed. And we both agreed on this grey color.
 Overstock sells these chairs for $185.

And Kohl's sold them for $156 with 15% off on the furniture's. I went ahead and ordered a pair of them.

 The boxes arrived a week later.
 And my little assistant helped me assemble the chairs.

I changed the placement of the chairs too. Having the chairs opposite the couch made for easy flow of the conversation.
I moved the grey cushions from the couch on these chairs. I have plans to stitch new covers for these cushions.
When I find what fabric and color, I am looking for and when I get the time to stitch. One day.
 The chairs do not block the frames on the wall and neither the cushions on the couch.
I posted an ad on craigslist for those black & white chairs and a real estate agent picked them over the weekend.
If I ever get enough courage to upholster, I might give these chairs a try once I get bored with them. One day.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.


  1. Just commenting to let you know that I love to read your blog :) I am not a DIY person, but I love the way you do things as well... I love the pop pf color and the frames...and the new sofas. The room looks so comfy and yet refreshing :)

    1. Thank you Veena for visiting. I just visited your blog. Enjoyed it. You have your talent....:-).