Monday, February 17, 2014


Hello There!
I love anything Indian. Food, clothes, color, culture, music, dance, festival and of course, decor. I try to mix some Indian decor in each room/space. Three years ago, when we moved into this house, I chose to have our family room styled in Indian color and decor.
This is how the room was when we moved in. I did share this in home tour post.
The nook in the below photo is for TV/media cabinet.
The furniture's that we moved in from the apartment are the sofa, TV, cabinet, the end table and the IKEA rocking chair. The low seating is Sanjan's crib mattress and later his toddler bed mattress. I had plans to cover it with a different fabric which did not happen.
The stools are from India. And the round wooden table in the corner belonged to my mother-in-law.
I had picked the red lamp shade and the hanging lamp kit at IKEA at 2 different occasion. And I hung the cable on the ceiling with a hook. The red faux silk cushion covers are from India picked during one of my visit.
He was a photo-bomb when he was 5yrs old too. Then, he would do it decently unlike now he jumps in.
The picture frames with red mat are from when we had them at apartment.
The side table in the below picture is from the set that is in the living room now.
The hanging lamp shade was the only source of light at that time. We have plans for either ceiling lights or recess lights in near future.
The embroidered fabric on the sofa and the one on wall are from India as well. I threw one on the back of sofa for some color.
I was crazy about this set-up. There was still lot to do. Curtains, paint the walls and the rug was in my to-do list. I spent almost nothing for this room. Used what I had and worked with it.
Will be sharing the stages the room went through in future posts.

Do you like having an Indian style decor in your home?

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Hi Reshma ,
    I was browsing and got here and you have awesome space. I love the bright colored sofa and the contrast ratan chair (we bought them yesterday from Ikea and I love them) and stools from did you transport them here ? We've moved into our home a couple of months ago and I'm planning to add Indian touch to my home


    1. Thanks for dropping by, Pinky. The stools came in my suitcases, not the molded one, the canvas one. You might find something that can dismantled. The easy way to add Indian touch is color. Drapes, cushions, wall hangings, brass items, wooden carved mirrors and picture frames with temples, dance forms, god/goddess photos. Good luck setting your new home.

  2. absolutely absolutely gorgeous! I loved the rattan chairs & the adda!

    1. Thank you, Manasa! I love anything wicker and ratan too.

  3. This is just beautiful.........I loved the mini floor diwan and the pops of red. Can't wait to see more of the DIY projects you have instore for the rest of your home. Good luck!!
    And Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    Have a wonderful weekend;)

  4. I really like that tapestry/fabric wall hanging on the wall to the really adds such a fun (and cultural) element!!

    1. Elizabeth, Thank you. The tapestry from India has beautiful hand embroidery. I will click better picture and share again.

  5. Well done room Reshma, I loved the rattan chair. They always look good with anything...

    1. Vasudha, You are right. Rattan and wicker furniture's are so light and airy. They give any room a casual and relaxed ambiance.