Sunday, January 26, 2014


I was creating a "Home Tour" page for the blog and realized I never shared the complete "before" of the house.
This is our townhouse. The house is in a perfect shape but in it's original builder grade condition.
We have been working on upgrading, tweaking, changing, DIYing, our home to make it the way we want. Giving the home a personality and our identification. One room at a time, one tweak at a time. We moved in three years and still there is so much to do. It is an ongoing change. 
We are enjoying what we do without compromising our time for family and friends.
When you open the door and enter the foyer, you face the living room.
The sliding door leads to the patio.

The above picture was clicked from the dining room on this floor.
You take the stairs to dining room, kitchen, breakfast nook and the family room.
I had shared the dining room makeover here.
The door that you see is the coat closet.
The fan in the below picture is in the breakfast nook.
This breakfast nook is a pretty descent size.
On the right side of the breakfast room is the family room.
Family room has the space for the media in the corner.
On the right side of the breakfast room is the kitchen. The kitchen, breakfast room and the family room is one long room.
I wished I had a walk-in pantry in the kitchen. But I am satisfied with this too.
Ahh...the white tiles and the orange cabinets....
From the breakfast area.
Let me take you to the bedrooms upstairs.
Remember the staircase landing?
As soon as you land, on the left is the Master bedroom.
Master bedroom has a vaulted ceiling.
I have shared this closet makeover.
As well this walk-in better stand-in closet too.
I also wish I had a big size walk-in closet but I am fine with this one too....:-).
Master bath. I do not have a better picture.

Those builder grade faucet, mirror and orange cabinets.
The narrow hallway takes to the guest bedroom and young man's bedroom. Yes, I see that blue paint...yuck.
Our guest bedroom.
I lived with this wall color for 3 weeks when we moved. And the first room that we painted was this.
The bathroom is between the guest bedroom and our kid's bedroom.
I have no plans to stick with this corner cabinet.
I have a plan for these cabinet and I waiting to work on it.
The door you see at the end is the kid's room.
The apple green color. I had received lots and lots of messages and emails about Sanjan's bedroom makeover.

We have these mirrored sliding door closet in all the three bedrooms.
This is the jack-n-jill bathroom shared between these two bedrooms.
That light fixture.....

I have shared few makeovers, tweaks and changes in the past year and will be sharing more as we go.
Tweak continues.

Have a great week ahead.


  1. Have fun tweaking, Reshma, I can't wait to see what you come up with!! The "bones" of your home are so pretty! You are a lucky girl!!
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

    1. Thanks Cystelle. We have tweaked the easy ones first and that we could do on smaller budgets.