Friday, February 14, 2014


Centsational Girl is my most favorite blog (I know, I know, I have few of them and Kate's blog is one among them). Kate has a special place in favorite and inspiring bloggers list because she is a North Californian too. I hope I might run into her someday.....yippee....
You will see few of the projects on my blog which I stole copied got inspired by Centsational Girl. I selected few pictures from her blog to share with you all. Visit her blog to see her vast collected of DIY projects.

Her living room. This is the wall paint color I wanted in my house when we were getting it painted. Only if I had not listened to my mother. And I want those chairs too....:-)
She stenciled her master bedroom wall herself. She was one of the first few blogger who did this (as far as I know).
And can you believe she painted over it after sometime for a change.......
 You see the world map in her kid's study ? I stole that idea from Kate.Yes, I am talking about that.
Kate and her husband DIY that table and the window seating bench too. She sews too and sewed those cushion covers and she has tutorial on her blog.
Her office has these bookcases which she tweaked adding crown moldings and painting the back of the shelves. And I have always loved the way she styles.
It was Kate and my favorite bloggers who confirmed that one need not spend a lot to have furniture's that match your needs and decor. She picked this campaign table from thrift store for $40.
And painted it an emerald green for her kid's room. These campaign tables and dressers are very expensive.
She painted this pedestal table a white.
And made it look photo worthy. I may or may not have got influenced by this pedestal table makeover that I went on looking for one and finally found it for $20. It is not as heavy as Kate's. I am yet to paint it.
If the below dressers were shown on 2 different pages, I would not have believed they are the same ones.
There is more to why I have the respect for Kate. She and her team volunteer at her Alma House Project to transform the rooms for those who need it. This one is the before picture of the kids playroom.
For less than $1,000 in donations, they transformed it to this.
This bathroom from this:
To this:
Coming back to getting inspired, we have a patio space in our house. And I have been wanting to give it a makeover. But have not been able to. When I get the time and the budget to do, these pictures of Kate's patio are in my folders.

There are millions of projects on Kate's blog
You will love her too.

Enjoy your Valentine's day and have a fantastic long weekend!


  1. Reshma - I loved each and every thing that Kate has done and I am very inspired :-)


  2. This is really too kind Reshma, I am so delighted that you wrote such a sweet post, wishing you the happiest Valentine's Day and enjoy your three day weekend.