Sunday, March 2, 2014


The family room which I wanted to set up in an ethnic style from India and was slowly working towards it, did not receive the same appreciation from Mr. Tweaks as others who visited our home.
I also had received few nice messages and comments about the family room when I posted it here.
Every time we had guest, Mr. would complain that the sitting arrangement on the floor is not very comfortable to sit for longer duration. He protested that the sofa and the mattress were not in the same height so he wanted  to bring in couple chairs instead of the mattress on the floor. 

And he also was not happy with the lighting in the room since he could not read. As well, he prefers to have the lights turned on while watching TV and the red shade was not helping.

Few weeks later, I found a solution to increase the height of the mattress. I found a pallet!! For free!
I cleaned it and dragged it inside. It was so heavy. I wanted to set it up before Mr. Tweaks would come home that day.

Had he seen this pallet, he would have never allowed me to get it inside.
I set up the mattress and dressed it again for an approval.
Mr. Tweaks neither approved nor objected.
And that bothered me. If he had approved, fine. If he had objected, I would try to convince him.

So I gave in and agreed to change one thing at a time. I replaced the red shade light with a floor lamp we had. Also, I moved in a book shelf in the corner.

And then few weeks later, I agreed to take off the mattress. All these years, Mr. Tweaks had wanted to go for a leather sofa and I always disagreed. This time, when he proposed that a leather sofa would be more comfortable here since this room gets the maximum usage. And I would not have to worry about any food or drink spillage. We eat at the table but sometime we take the plate in front of the TV.

I consented saying that we get only a sofa and no loveseat seeing as this room is not large enough to have both. Mr. wanted to feel the sofa so buying online was out of question.

Mr. Tweak's selected this one from Macy's. It was on sale for $1,200. The review's were good and he really liked it. We walked in to the store and it was right there. It was neither very firm nor very cushion-y and also clean line sofa with no cushions moving or something very bulky.

It was delivered 2 weeks later. 

And the red sofa was moved downstairs till it got sold on Craigslist. It got sold the same evening I had posted.
I was left to start all over again on this family room. Where do I start from?
Book shelf had to go, it did not match with the leather sofa.

On an another note: Some change in the dining room.
 The frames are down.
What do you think is coming on the wall?

Have a wonderful week ahead.


  1. LOL! I'm Mr. Tweaks on the mattress! :) I'm a huge pallet fan but even that didn't do it any good. Are you still planning to get more chairs for where that mattress was? I did I like that bookshelf. Maybe you could move it to the wall where the 2 small stools are?

    1. Vidya, The family is not big enough, the chairs would crowd it. As of now, nothing. But did get an ottoman for extra seating and also to use as center table. The bookshelf moved to garage. This all happened almost a year ago.....and still the room is work-in-progress....:-). I did not discard the pallet yet..:-)

  2. Botanical prints on the wall??


    1. Deepa, Thanks for will have to wait for the next post....:-).