Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Today, I am introducing one of my artistic friend who not only paints but knits and cross-stitches.
Bhavna is a full-time artist who works out of her home-based studio. She has a blog Creativity Corner where she shares her creativity and talent.

Portraiture is her chosen genre. She is equally good at painting other than Portraitures.
Bhavna created this as a part of a series on America, which is ongoing. She uses charcoal, graphite, oil and pastel to suit the mood and style of the subject.
She recently won a second prize for her painting at her city's Art Association's fine art show.
“America: The Super Machine”, 2014
Where do you paint?
I sometimes paint in my studio. It's about a 10x12 makeshift corner of the sunroom that opens into the backyard. But I sketch anywhere and everywhere.

What does your husband say about your paintings?
He is my in-house critique. Any my number one fan!

This ones' my favorite, which took her the longest to finish.
“Street Corner” 2006 – 2009
What is your most important tool you need when painting?
A sketchbook. I use it for quick studies, illustrations and practice.

Bhavna, " I think, this was by far, the hardest painting that I have done. It was given as a challenge to the challenge to the class to study different kind of reflective materials."
Untitled, 2011
Oil and pastel on canvas

What inspires you?
The elegance of nature and sincerity in people. Both are too pretty to express in words.

This one a classwork from the painting class in Fall of 2011. It was later selected to be shown in Annual Student Art show. The painting now hangs in museum of HAHS as a part of Day of the Dead celebrations. 
Vita Ben Vissuta, 2011
Oil on Canvas

When and why did you start making art?
I will take Why part first - I think I like to make arts because it is one of the media that helps me express better.
As far as When is concerned, I had been illustrating and painting for as long as I can remember.
During my sabbatical from my day job, in 2010, I took arts lessons in the local community college. There I had the opportunity to work among other artists and share my artwork with others. The constructive classroom experience and selection in Student Show towards the end of the classes, helped me think seriously about my chosen field of work.
Early this year, I had that proverbial light bulb moment when I knew I had to dedicate myself to arts full-time.

Bhavna, " I painted this as a dare to paint, metal, white porcelain and basket. All considered too tricky for a novice."
Sweet Tomatoes”, 2011
Oil on canvas board

What is one thing no one in your friends know about you?
My real age! Just kidding. I think not many know that one of my first jobs was with All India Radio. Or that I hold two Master's degrees. One in Physics and another in Electrical Engineering. I have no formal arts education.

Talk about talent with brains. Even I did not know all of this.
Do visit her blog here to see and read more about her.