Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hello Peeps,
How was your weekend? Mine was fine. Did the usual grocery, laundry, vacuum, ran few errands, completed one project, started a new one, left another one half-way.
On Saturday evening we were invited to a 1st year birthday party. I wanted to gobble him up. I did not want to let him go, the mom had to pull him off me. Kidding.
No, It happened. It was a scene to watch for other guests at the party.
Just kidding.

Back to the breakfast room. 
I had been planning to change the color of the pedestal table. I did not want to stain it since most of the furniture in our home is dark. I decided to go with white paint.
Before that some prep work.
The pedestal table that we have is a drop-leaf table. The leaves can be straighten with a wooden slides provided in the bottom.
The wooden slides would keep sliding and the leaf would go down. Sanjan does his studies/homework on this table and he places all his weight on it and the leaf would loosen. I had to tighten the wooden slides every night.
I wanted the leaves to be permanently flat. I picked this wood glue from Lowes and applied a generous amount of glue between the joints.
Then straighten the leaves, wiped off the extra glue that squeezed out.
With Mr.'s help turned the table upside down flat. And went looking for heavy stuff to help the glue work its magic (this was the first time I was using this glue and was not sure how strong it was). I found a step-stool for one side and I am not sure what I found for the other side.
While I was at Lowe's  picking the wood glue, I also had bought these braces to make the leaves more stable.

I had white primer left from a previous project. The same primer that went on the yellow wall.
The table was heavy to carry it downstairs to the garage, so I spread my paint station in the breakfast room. Took 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of white paint for the base of the table.
I already have a bent wood chair with arms which I had stained a darker color, I decided to paint these 4 chairs too.
I used brush to paint the primer. After first coat.
After second coat. It was not an easy job painting with brush. I prefer spray paint than the brush or roller.
Till this point, I was not sure which color was I going for the chairs. Every evening, I would apply primer for one chair and pack off the brushed in plastic and store in the fridge. So by the next weekend, I was done with all the 4 chairs.

These chairs had few nooks and cranes that I was not able to cover. Come back to see the painted chairs. I promise not to drag this anymore.

Have a great week ahead.

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