Wednesday, February 11, 2015


One fine Saturday morning last summer, I decided to paint the yellow walls in the breakfast area. We had no activity planned nor had any other engagement for the day. I had to start working on this before family comes downstairs. This was the before picture....
And I did not waste any time. Took me 15 minutes to take-off the curtains, the curtain rods and the window blinds. Mr. Tweaks and Sanjan came downstairs to this:

Mr. & Sanjan: What happened here?
Sanjan: Amma, What are doing now?
Me: I do not want the yellow wall. I am painting over it.
Mr.: Which color now? 
He reminded me that I recently had painted the walls yellow.
Me: Same color as the rest of the house.

Both were going for a tennis game. I told them to go ahead and help me when they return.
I had to use primer before the paint. This was after a coat of primer.
Mr. and Sanjan returned, we had our breakfast and then they both offered to paint. I made myself a cup of tea and was sipping while my men were at work.
Mr. in his painting clothes. 
 Exhibit-II. During the Master bedroom closet paint.
He changes to his painting jean and T-shirt every time he has to help me. I paint and do my projects in what ever clothing I am in at home. I was in my pajama and T-shirt on this day.
Sanjan was in his T-shirt and boxer shorts.
Mr. painted the first coat of paint. He prefers to use roller and I used paint brush to paint the corners.
Couple hours and 2 coats of paint later.
Later in the evening I hung these RITVA curtains from IKEA which I had bought for our living room. The curtain needs to be shortened and as well needs an iron.
I clicked this picture late at night after I dragged the chairs from the garage.
The table and the chairs match so perfectly. I should have clicked more pictures from other angles.

I have so much to share with you all but I am always short on time. I was thinking I will not wait for a detailed post but post as and when there is an update at my end. What do you say?



  1. Replies
    1. Madhura, Thank you...there is still more to come for this space.

  2. Good thing about the paint is you can always paint over if it doesn't work out :) I like the new curtains too.

    1. Nayana, True. For me, paint is the easiest and fastest DIY that I carry out. It is good on the pocket too.