Sunday, July 12, 2015


Can you believe we are already in July? Where did the last six months?
And I am supposed to post this in May...this is last of the series of my post regarding my booth at the fair. Just have little more patience.

If you are visiting here for the first time, you can read about this here and here.

On the day of the event, we woke up early morning, showered, had breakfast and were at the location at 9.00am. The event was from 12 to 5.00 pm. We had asked our neighbors, Ravi and Iqbal for help on the day of the event. They both arrived at 9 to the event location, helped us to unload the canopy, tables, the boxes and also helped in setting up the canopy.

Then, Mr. and I set up the tables. We were ready by 11.00. I clicked few pictures, posted them on the Facebook, helped our neighbor vendors to set up their canopy and waited for people to arrive.

Around noon, people started arriving and they would walk inside our booth, appreciate the trays and the coasters and walk out; without making any purchases.

I had not shared about the booth other than handful of close friends and my neighbors. And they all visited the booth later that day. And they were my customers too.

One dear friend brought lunch for us. And flowers. She stayed for couple hours to help with the booth. She too loves to create art, so I had asked her bring any of her stuff to sell at the booth. She had few of her items as well.

Here is my setup:
I had a table just for the trays.

Mirrors, canvas and pots on one table.

And the third table had coasters, clip-boards and cake stands.

By 5 pm, we had sold few trays, couple of cake stands and few coasters set. I was neither excited nor disappointed. I got the money back for what I had spent on the booth fee and for purchasing the raw materials and the supplies.

We packed all the left overs and drove back home. All 3 of us freshen up and Mr. took us out for dinner. We talked about it at the dinner and for a couple more days. And then we were back to our everyday life.

My experience from the booth:
I wanted to do the booth thing for an experience and get a feel of it. And it was a lot of work. Required tons of preparation. And patience.
And I am not made for this. I decided I will make my things at my speed and sell them when and how I want it.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

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  1. You are a great inspiration reminding to keep our SELF nurtured in the busy routine of life! Great going