Sunday, March 20, 2016


The guest bedroom makeover is almost complete except few changes/tweaks. I will try to get the reveal of the makeover soon.

Remember the curtains in the guest bedroom? These were plain white curtains from Target. I prefer hanging curtains high, close to the ceiling. These curtains are 87" long and the wall is 97" in height so I curtains had to be hung lower.

I have been wanting to have the curtains in guest bedroom hung higher too. It was on my to-do list during the makeover.
I had these options:
  • Buy 2 new pair of curtains
  • Open the seams at the bottom of the curtains to add length
  • Add extra fabric to add length to these curtains
Of the 3, I decided to go with adding extra fabric to the bottom of the curtains. If it did not work, I can always buy new curtains.

Since the guest bedroom was yellow and grey, I picked this yellow & white striped fabric from Hobby Lobby. The fabric was 54" in width. I wanted 11" (extra 1" for stitches) of fabric to add to each curtain to make them 97" long.
The curtains are 48" wide. So I got the fabric cut 50" in length. I had 54x50" of fabric.
At home, I cut the fabric in 4 pieces of 11 x 50".
Instead of adding the fabric to the bottom of the curtain, I changed my mind to add the fabric to the top portion of the curtain. I cut the curtain leaving an inch from the rod inserts.
Then I stitched the top potion to the yellow & white fabric.
This is how it looks right side up.
Then I stitches the bottom cut portion of the curtain to yellow & white fabric.
This picture below will help you get what I did to add length to the curtains.
I washed and ironed the curtains before hanging them.

I had plans to get crown molding done in this room which got postponed for now. I need to rehang the rods a little higher closer to the ceiling.
If I had added the fabric to the bottom of the curtain, the bed would have covered it. The yellow stripes gives the appearance of ribbons to the curtains.

I spent about $10 for the striped fabric. And I was able to reuse the curtains that I had.
One of the easiest tweak.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

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  1. Nice job Reshma. It really adds bright color pop to the room!

    1. Thank you Vickie. It does change the look of the room. Now that I have repainted the room a darker color...:-). Will be sharing soon.