Monday, July 25, 2016


The third bedroom in our home serves as our guest bedroom as well as our home office. We set up our computer and printer in this room. Three years ago we had a small IKEA desk which was too small. Mr. Tweak wanted a wider and deeper desk. It so happened that during those days I was busy with work and school. And I could not spend time to shop online either.

One day Mr. Tweaks shopped online for a "simple desk" and found one. He sent me the link and asked for my opinion. It looked good enough and I told him to go ahead with it.

He ordered it from Target for $130.
A year later, when I was started working on the changes to the guest bedroom, I felt the desk did not fit in. At first, I thought of painting it white. Mr. Tweaks did not find anything wrong with the desk. He could not understand why I wanted to paint a perfectly fine desk.
Mr. also had bought this leather chair from Pier 1 Imports. For me it was too matchy matchy.

Last October our son turned 10 and I had been planning for his room makeover for few months as a surprise for him. I had started shopping for his room six months ahead and had ordered a white Parsons desk.

I had wanted a Parsons desk in white. Something like West Elm's lacquered Parsons desk. But not at the price of $399. 
West Elm
I found that Home Decorators sold a similar one for $199. I went ahead and ordered it. And it stayed unopened in the garage.

Since I still had time for my son's room makeover, I decided to swap the white Parsons desk with the Target desk. The Parsons desk would also match the side table I had used as nightstand.

On the same evening, I came home from work and assembled the table. It took less than 30 minutes to assemble. And the best part was it fit in the space perfectly.
The upholstered chair fit in perfectly with the desk. Glad I had picked white fabric for the upholstery.
The changes in the guest bedroom went on a snail's pace...nearly a year. 
I have couple of updates in the room to share with you all and then I am done.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

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  1. Nice little corner. The mirror, desk, chair are all nicely tied together. And it's the story that makes it even touchy