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Hello Friends, 
Wondering where I was missing? I am sorry for not posting regularly. My mom was visiting us from India. She was here for 3 months and flew back last week. I enjoyed every moment with her.

Today I am sharing our entryway/foyer. Its not a makeover, more of how it looks and what I did.
Its a very small space, 6ft by 5ft. Its a tiled entry with 3 doors on its 3 sides. 
As you enter through the main door, you have a door on the right that leads to garage and a door on the left that's the powder room.

I had to work with the very little space without crowding or blocking any of the doors and with a very narrow wall. Either I could use an entry table or a very narrow cabinet. The entry table I was looking for was without any sharp edges.

Couple of months after we moved in, I found this half round table at World Market. Originally it was for $99, went on 50% off and I had a $10 off coupon. I am still undecided if I want to stain it a darker color or paint it. Yes, It's been 2 years now. And still undecided.
Earlier I had a wooden carved mirror from Target on this wall. I was not happy with the color and size so I was on the look out for one. As usual, I kept browsing till I found what I wanted.
Few months later, I found this antique ornate mirror at a vintage store. It was in perfect condition. This is my 3rd ornate mirror in my house. Remember this and this? Mr. Tweaks did comment "overdose of these mirror's". But I wanted liked it. Loved it. Earlier, I had plans to paint the frame but I loved the way it was, so left it as is.
On one of the shopping trip with me, Mr. found this Buddha statue at TJ Maxx. He suggested using it on the entry table. He gets the credit for finding it. He is learning from the best. What do you say???

During one of our Ikea trip, I picked up this plant pot. It was too bland.
 So what do I do? Rustoleum's brass finish metallic paint. Couple of coats later.
And this is how I work on my work bench, in my garage, with flattened cardboard box on the trash bins. How inspiring.

I as well had picked the orchid from Ikea. A fake one. Yes, I do have fake ones in my home. I am not one of those with green thumb.
So, the fake orchid in the fake brass pot looks like this. I did not want to crowd the table, since the table is a small one. And either us or our guest might need a little space on the table to put down keys or small stuffs.
I am yet to find something for the lower shelf of the table. We did not change the light fixture at the entrance yet. Waiting for it to become an eyesore. It took us sometime to find a rug which was not thick enough so it would not hinder opening the entrance door or the garage door. I found this one at Ross, which has rubber bottom. It really helps the rug to stay in place. I did not have enough options to select. Had to pick what was available.
The red pot is from Ross too. As of now, it has a real plant but do not know how long it will survive. Mr. Tweaks wanted me to put an ottoman or a stool for the guest to remove or wear their shoes. I did keep an round ottoman instead of the pot. But it looked too congested.
Have a wonderful week ahead !!

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  1. Wow That is a good one Reshma! I loved the wholesetup with Buddha! I amazed at your effort to create a slice of India!

    PS: If you ask me, don't stain the console table, It looks gorgeous as is!

    1. Thank you Padmamanasa. This is one of that project that I did not plan ahead. Just went with what I found....:-). As of now I am not touching the table, maybe once I am tired of it.

  2. Reshma,
    Great find on the mirror, the rug, and the table. If you plan on leaving the wall color as is and really like the rug then maybe you could paint the mirror in the same orange that is on the rug. Leave the table as is coz a colored table will be too much of action when combined with that heavily patterned rug. Plus it already goes with the brown tones of the rug. Maybe you could move the small red pot to the bottom shelf on the right side. That will hopefully balance all the weight on the left. I too think a narrow bench would be great in that corner against the bigger wall. Something like this
    Or this

    with legs where you can see the bottom, which will give an open and airy feeling. good luck.

  3. Thanks Vidya. Appreciate your feedback. Love the benches in both the blogs. I will keep an eye on something similar that would fit that space. Thanks again.

  4. Saw this today and thought of you.

  5. Vidya, Wow..bench from a headboard. Thanks for sharing. Wish I had this talent.

  6. hey reshma , most of the time i just pass by quickly ur blogs, but today some how i did spend good time on this, i'm glad i did. Great work !! hey i was thinking may be a small water fountain would look nice at the bottom of table. you can find small ones at bed bath. just an idea !!! keep up d creative work.

    1. Hi Kasturi, Thank you for visiting the blog and for your sweet comments. Water fountain sure is a good idea. Let me look for one. Thanks again.