Tuesday, July 1, 2014


A necklace organizer that worked. For me.
My previous attempt at the organizer for necklaces flopped. Yes, if only the cork board was little thicker.
Sometime in April, I shared that we are doing a small change in our walk-in closet. Remember we had added these cleats to hold the wooden shelving? 
We  Mr. had removed few of those cleats from the wall. I had not disposed them off. Good thing. These are two of 2"x 30" pieces.
At first, I planned on covering the holes and painting it to match the wall paint color in the closet since that is where this was going. Then decided that I should it a contrast color. Finally settled for covering with fabric. It was less work compared to painting.

I had some fabric left over from
this living room pillow covers. Again?
When I wrapped the fabric around these wooden pieces
the fabric fit perfectly.
 I started to staple the fabric to the wood on the back.
I had to hammer down few of the staple pins when I was not pressing the stapler harder.
 I stapled along the length of the wood on one side.
Then wrapped rest of the fabric over the stapled fabric.
And closed with staples.
For the ends, I cut the fabric at angles to reduce the thickness of the fabric. And stapled it similar to wrapping a gift wrapper.
First one looked like this.
Both of them were ready. Yes, kitchen counter top is my work station.
I completed this in less than half an hour.
I already had those push-pins spray painted gold from this project.
The push-pins do not pin to the wood. So, I hammered a small nail half way and then took the nail out making a hole enough for the push-pin to go into the wood.

And then I hammered the push-pins into the hole very lightly. I did break few of the plastic part of the pins. 
You can use small nails or cup-hooks for your projects.
Cup hooks
There were holes already in the wood, so I rotated screws at both the ends into the hole through the fabric and screwed on to the wall. I used level to make sure the wood was leveled.
And hung my necklaces on both the rows. I did not measure the distance between the push-pins, just eye balled them.
There are few empty pins and I need to fill them....shopping is a project too.
 We have a small walk-in closet but still these do not block or hamper us in anyway.
And the closet does not have any windows and we keep the door closed most often, so I am not worried about these getting dusty.
If ever I collect more than what I can store, I can add one more row.
I did not spend anything for this project. I had everything at home.

So, I can say a $0 DIY.
How do you store your necklaces? Or your jeweleries?

Happy 4th of the July!
Have a fun filled long weekend. I am looking forward to one. I do have few projects under my sleeves.

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  1. Thanks for the details. I have a spot in my master closer where this will work perfectly.

    1. Vickie, Would love to see your organizer. I am sure, it would be done beautifully.

  2. My first time & must say I am quite impressed.

    That's a cool idea of a necklace hanger.
    P.S. Your living room is very gorgeous. :)

    1. Nisha, Welcome to the blog. Glad you liked. Thanks for the compliments.