Wednesday, February 25, 2015


The chairs that I had primed with paint brush did not cover all the area. So on a weekend, I cleared the cars from the garage and set up my paint station.
I had picked the Zinsser primer from Lowe's earlier in the morning. First, I turned the chairs upside down and gave a good coat of primer. Let them dry for an hour.
Then turned them right side up and gave it a coat of primer. I was able to cover all the cane part with the spray paint. An hour later, I gave a light sanding and wiped off the dust.

After an early lunch break, I started spray painting the chairs in orange. Will get back the reason for the orange color later.
This time too I did the painting similar to how I did the primer. I turned the chairs upside down, gave a coat of orange paint. An hour later, turned the right side up, gave a coat of orange paint.
After the 2nd coat of the orange paint, I could see I had missed few spots. So I raised the chairs one at a time on the trash can and tried to cover all the missed spots.
After 2 cans of primer (I had a little left over Rustoleum primer and I used it before I used Zinsser) and 4 cans of orange paint
and all the dust from the primer and orange spray paint.
Mr. Tweaks offered to clean the dust. He had his concerns....he did not want the orange dust walking with us into the house.
I let the chairs cure for a day in the garage. And carried them inside the next morning.
Cabinet on the floor in the kitchen??? That was another tweak going on.
This is how the breakfast nook looks now.

There is still some work left:
  • Change the blinds.
  • Change the fan (I already bought something and it's waiting for our handyman)
  • Add trim to the curtains, wash and iron.
  • I have plans to add pelmet too
  • The flooring needs an upgrade too (might happen in few!!)

Now getting back to picking the orange color for the chairs. I did not want to stain the chairs, Mr. Tweak did not want them as is. We both crossed off white and black color.
No red: Since the living room was going through changes from orange to red accents
No yellow: The guest room has yellow accents
No Green: I am working on hunter green for Sanjan's bedroom makeover (Yes, his room is getting a makeover)

Mr. wanted a bright color and orange was the only color I was left with.
Once I had the chairs arranged, I groaned thinking why did I not pick navy blue since the family room has navy blue and white color and breakfast nook extends to family room....aahhhhhahh
No. I have no plans to paint the chairs navy blue anytime sooner......
I am waiting to get all the upgrades done so I can have a grand reveal....Part II.
Do let me know how does this small makeover looks. Which other color could I have picked for the chairs?


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  1. Love Orange Chairs, Reshma. They look awesome after painting, nice makeover!! Cant wait to see the reveal!!

    1. Thanks Bharati. I need to get myself to work on the other updates.....:-)

  2. Wow good colored chairs.. It would be great if you put on some orange shaded curtains..

  3. Can't wait to see the finished room! I have been catching up on your other posts - loved how your powder room turned out! great going!


    1. Thank you, Deepa. Powder room is still my most proud tweak. Breakfast nook will take few weeks to get done...:-(