Sunday, June 19, 2016


It took me a while to decide on the lamp for the Guest bedroom nightstand. I looked around for a yellow lamp, a sleek modern one. Then I changed my mind for a swing arm wall lamp.
I recollected that I did have a swing arm wall lamp in my "will use it sometime" collection. And in that collection, I had this lamp base from IKEA for $10 from the As-is section.
In the collection (No doubt, Mr. calls me a hoarder), I also had the rectangle shaped lamp shade.
And both the base and the shade looked good together.
I had taped the bottom part of the shade and painted a thin line along the base of the shade with yellow acrylic paint.
It stayed like this for few months.
And then I had these scrap pieces of fabric from the drape makeover. Before making a permanent change, I just wrapped the yellow fabric stripe temporarily on the top and bottom of the lamp shade.
I left it so for few days before I could make a decision. I didn't like it.
One Friday evening, I painted the shade with yellow acrylic paint with a brush. 
Three coats of paint later....
It was not the yellow I was more of mustard color.
I repainted the shade with Bright yellow acrylic paint. You can see the difference between the 2 shades of yellow here.
2 coats of paint later. It was the yellow I wanted but it looked too matchy matchy with the headboard.
I had the white grosgrain ribbon which I measured, cut and glued to the shade with fabric glue.
 I glued only the edges on all the 4 sides.

Finally, it's here.
What if I say, this lamp has been replaced with a different one. Yes. From my collection.

Have a wonderful week ahead.