Sunday, February 23, 2014


I am a tray person. For me trays are functional and versatile to any space and one of my favorite accessory to use in decor.
You can find one in every room of my house. On the nightstands, bathroom counter-tops, coffee table, side tables, the ottoman, the dining table and today I am introducing my kitchen counter-top tray. 
I always like to keep my kitchen counter-top clear and I try not to crowd it other than when I am cooking. I cook everyday and when I am done, I TRY to clear the counter-top.
The frequently used items I leave on the counter-top are cooking oil, ghee, container for kitchen tools and fruit basket. 

Except the fruit bowl, rest are corralled in a tray. 
You ask, where did I find this yellow tray from? No, you did not ask but let's just consider you did.

I will have to take you to the picture I had shared during the bookshelf makeover project. Do you see where the arrow is pointed to. Yes, right there, that tray.
I had this wooden file sorter tray for sometime. I had couple of them. (Mr. had given me a memorandum, that if I do not stop hoarding he might just dump them all in to the recycling bin on the trash day. He would not do that. He dare not do that).

Anyways, I gave the tray a couple of coats of yellow paint that I had from my son's bedroom project
I had this grey self adhesive shelf liner from Marshalls.
Once the paint dried, I measured the inside of the tray, cut the shelf liner to measurement, peeled thte backing and stuck it on the tray. 
These shelf liners are easy to wipe off if you spill any liquid.
Here are my necessary items that are on the counter-top.
Corralled my oil pot, ghee pot, container with spoons, small mortar & pestle, the small jar in red and white.
The red jar is oil when I make roti's and the ghee is transferred to the small white jar to melt.
I picked all these ceramics from either Ross, Marshalls or TJ Maxx and have had them for few years now. Each one of them is microwave and dishwasher safe.

I keep only the stainless steel and black one's in the the cutlery container. The wooden ones go in the drawer.
Corralling frequently used items on trays kind of give you the impression of neatness and look organized.
Other side of the stove has the ceramic fruit basket, which went from white to yellow.
I found this one at Ross on clearance for $6 from $20 because it had some dirt marks.
Here is the after the yellow spray paint.
And then in the kitchen.
The kitchen went through some changes since we bought and still a lot more to go. I will have a post about what we did and how we went with it.
Each person has different way of arranging things in their kitchen. I would love to hear how you have arranged or organized yours.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

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  1. Beautiful post Reshma!! My kitchen looks exactly like yours, appliance included. Well, arrangement not so much :)
    Your posts are definitely inspiring, it prompts me to do something different.
    Can't wait for the next one.

    1. Hey Deepta, Welcome to the blog and thank you. Most of my projects are easy to do and can be tweaked according to your requirement. I will be sharing the inside of the cabinets in later posts.

  2. Your kitchen counter is SOOO clean, almost like entering a new house!! Mine is jam packed with appliances, containers, lids, pots, pans, and what nots.

    1. Nisha, You should watch me cooking. I make a big mess....:-). But I really like to keep my counter-top clear once I am done with the cooking. I keep all my appliances inside the cabinet. Thank you for visiting. You have a nice blog too. Adding you to my list....:-).

  3. I did the same thing only in teal and used a pretty wrapping paper for the bottom.
    Not sure how to attach a pic.

    1. Kismet, I would love to see your tray. You can email me at and I will share it here.

  4. Looking pretty,I like the idea.

  5. I m addicted to your blog..beautiful ideas love it. Better go sleep nw will come back tomorrow to check more.

    1. Hey Nayana, Thank you soooo much. The feeling is mutual.

  6. Reshma I am in love with ur fruit bowl. Well arranged kitchen.

    1. Vasudha, The fruit bowl is the first thing people notice when they walk in. Thanks for your compliment.

  7. I am also admired of these Kitchen Countertops and this is exactly for our market.