Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I wanted to share this space of my home sometime last year. But I felt it was not ready yet to share it as a reveal. It still is not. It is a work in PROGRESS....

This is the image of the breakfast nook we clicked when we moved in almost three and half years ago. The builder grade blinds, the paint color on the wall and the fan. And the flooring. Everything had to go.
Do you see the peak of yellow wall in this photo of the family room? The kitchen, the nook and the family room is one long open space.
My plan was to have a small dining table for the nook but Mr. Tweaks did not agree. His point was, between 3 of us in the house we did not need another dining space.
He was right. For weeks, the space was left empty.

Then one day Mr. suggested getting a desk for the laptop. I had the yellow paint left over from Sanjan's bedroom. One weekend, I painted just the three walls.
You can see here...this nook is between the kitchen and the family room.
I had picked this black fabric from a pop & mom fabric shop and made drapes for the window. It is not functional; just for the sides to make the window appear wider.

I do not have better pictures to share with you.
I had plans to re-upholster this parson's chair. Which did not happen.
The year we moved to our home, I had started working for a new employer, was going to school twice a week in the evening after work apart from my regular life as wife and mother. I rarely got enough time to work on anything with the house.
I did not have enough fabric to take the drapes from the ceiling. So had worked with what I had.
It stayed like this for 2 years.
It went through some more changes. Will share them. Hopefully, soon.



  1. Nice little space and great use Reshma... the best part about that place is sooo much sunlight. I love that. This workstation is perfect for inspiration. waiting to see more.

  2. oh nice little space Reshma.. I love the hues of yellow..

    1. Patty, The walls are no longer yellow....I painted them grey.