Monday, October 12, 2015


The guest bedroom did not go through much change till last year. We added a bigger desk and chair for the computer.
At one point, I changed the position of the bed in front of the other window. Changed to grey sheets and moved a pair of grey cushions from the living room to here.
I wanted to bring in some color and I decided on yellow. Sanjan's bedroom has yellow and I had been planning to change his room to a different color (Kelly/emerald green).

I had never liked the headboard, in fact, never liked the bed. The only reason for picking this bed was the low headboard which would not block the windows. I fiddled with the idea of painting the bed in either white or yellow. In that case, I will have to dismantle the bed and Mr. was totally against the idea.
Then I came up with the idea of upholstering the headboard. I had the batting from Sanjan's headboard project.
One weekend, Mr. helped me move all the slats of the bed and shift it away from the window for me to work.
Measured, cut and wrapped the batting to the front of the headboard and staple the sides.

I had ordered the yellow velvet upholstery fabric online. And I ordered a little too short in width measurement.
But had more than enough in the length.
So, I cut from the length and stitched 5 inches of fabric to both the end to have the fabric to measurement.

You can see the fabric attachment to the sides in this picture.
I wrapped the fabric over the batting and stapled on the 3 sides of the front of the headboard.
For the sides/corners, I wrapped the fabric as you would wrap a gift box.

Before stapling this part, I cut the extra fabric.

The stapled front of the headboard.

The side of the headboard.
And the back of the headboard.

I did order nail heads to add to the sides of the headboard. I was not sure I will do a good job about it. I will add them when I am confident enough.

For now, this is how it looks.
The only expense I had was the velvet fabric on which I spend less than $15.
And I spent less than an hour for this little tweak.

This room is still a long way to go.
  • Hang the curtains near the ceiling
  • Add a night stand
  • Lamp and other accessories for the night stand
  • Update the desk
  • Chair for the desk
  • D├ęcor for the wall 
  • Add crown molding
  • Change the blinds to roller blinds
  • Cushions for the bed
I will update you as I get it done.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.

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